How to Fight and Beat A DUI Charge in Arizona

Were you recently charged with a DUI in Arizona? Getting charged with a DUI is not fun and can be very stressful, don’t worry we have put together a step by step system to help you determine what you need to do next. DUI costs, DUI penalties & laws, how it will affect your driving record, and how to find the perfect DUI Attorney are all covered. Read More...

DUI Defense Strategies


First DUI Charge in Arizona

Did you get arrested for a DUI charge for the first time? Being Arrested for a DUI is embarrassing, upsetting, humiliating and not to mention stressful. We are here to help ease the stress and pain and make your situation better. Believe it or not your case could be dismissed or have the charges filed […]


Second DUI Offense Charge in Arizona

Have you gotten a second DUI charge? If so it is highly likely you will be categorized as a “repeat offender”. Which means the court can and will come after you with everything they have, especially if this is your 2nd DUI offense within 5 years of the first DUI offense. They know you were […]


What to Do When You Get Arrested for a DUI in Arizona

Ultimately this comes down to you, this is your life on the line here, and do you want to have a DUI on your record? Do you want to have to have to face that uphill battle? When it comes to what you need to do to fight and beat a DUI charge successfully in […]


Why Women are More Likely to Get Out of a DUI in Arizona

Statistics have proven that more and more women are being pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) than anytime in the past. Now the court system is going to tell you this is because there are more and more women drinking and driving than ever before. Not that that information is entirely […]